Jiaogulan May Protect Cellular Immunity

Jiaogulan May Protect Cellular Immunity

Hou, J., et al. Effects of Gynostemma pentaphyllum makino on the immunological function of cancer patients. Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 1991.

Lymphocyte transformation and and enhanced lymphocyte activity is another way of improving the effectiveness of white blood cells in creating disease antibodies. In the clinical phase of this study, patients with immune deficient systems due to cancer treatment were given 240 mg of Jiaogulan each day. The test group was able to maintain their cellular immunity despite continued radiation therapy whereas a control group that did not receive Jiaogulan had marked decrease in lymphocyte activity. The group was followed for over a year and the Jiaogulan-treated group showed a much better average prognosis than the control group. The researcher concluded that Jiaogulan could be used to protect cellular immunity.


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