Jiaogulan Found to Double White Blood Cell Counts

Jiaogulan Found to Double White Blood Cell Counts

Liu, et al. Therapeutic effects of Jiaogulan on leukopenia due to irradiation and chemotherapy. Zhong Guo Yi Yao Xue Bao. China. 1992

In this study cancer patients who were leucopenic due to radiation therapy were divided into three groups, the 1st group was given Jiaogulan mixed with a traditional Chinese herbal blend, the 2nd group was given only the herbal blend and a third group was given a generic health tonic. The average patient in the group taking Jiaogulan more than doubled their WBC in an average of just 4.69 days with a 93.55% effectiveness. The control groups took much longer and were only 71% and 50% effective respectively.


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