Jiaogulan Destroys Oxidants in the Brain

Jiaogulan Destroys Oxidants in the Brain

Dai, D.Y. et al. The effect of antioxidant Chinese herbs on SOD activity, MDA content and ultra-structural damage to brain tissue in mice with chronic fluorosis. Chinese Journal of Endemic Diseases. China. 1998.

Dr. Dai and his team studied the effects of Jiaogulan on the brain cells of mice with chronic fluorosis. Chronic fluorosis is a toxic overdose of fluoride and us often used by scientists to induce oxidative stress on test subjects. They found that Jiaogulan reduced the signs or per-oxidation (oxidative damage) and increased the presence of Super-Oxide Dismutase, a powerful internally produced anti-oxidant. This suggested to the researchers that Jiaogulan might be a powerful source of antioxidants because it appears to stimulate the bodies own production of antioxidants. This is a more effective method than ingestion of antioxidants.


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