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Gynostemma Found to Lower Cholesterol and Reduce Liver Damage

R. Qin et al.Protective effects of gypenosides against fatty liver disease induced by high fat and cholesterol diet and alcohol in rats. Archives of Pharmacal Research, Volume 35, number 7 2012

Chinese researchers fed a high fat, high cholesterol diet to rats and caused them to ingest alchohol daily. They kept left one group untreated, gave two groups popular anti-cholesterol medications and gave 3 remaining groups varying dosages of Gynostemma. After 10 weeks, the groups given Gynostemma showed significantly lower LDL-cholesterol and triglycerides. Furthermore test for liver health showed the Gynostemma group also maintained better liver health. The researchers concluded, “These results suggested that gypenosides could prevent liver fatty degeneration in fatty liver disease through modulating lipid metabolism, ameliorating liver dysfunction and reducing oxidative stress. “

Jiaogulan Reduces Free Radicals in the Liver

Cheng, Y.H. et al. The effect of antioxidant Chinese herbs on SOD activity, MDA content and ultra-structural damage of the kidney tissue in mice with chronic fluorosis. Guizhou Medical Journal. China. 1998.

Dr. Cheng found a similar result to Dr. Dai sited above when he studied the the kidney cells of mice with chronic fluorosis. the mice had reduced presence of free radicals and increased presence of internally produced anti-oxidants.